Hug A Pug Auckland®

Hug A Pug is a world wide phenomenon with different countries and regions having held Hug A Pug events for many years. Hug A Pug events around the world raise money for all kinds of different causes with the same aims in common, to help out worthy pet charities and to bring pug love to the world!

Hug A Pug Auckland organises fund raising events in the Auckland region. Wherefore a gold coin donation on the day or tickets for you to pre-order allow you to spend time with, and of course, hug a pug on the day.

All proceeds go towards our chosen pet charity for the year. In 2020, we chose Pet Refuge, who aims to provide temporary shelter for pets affected by domestic violence, keeping them safe while their owners escape abuse.

Hug A Pug Auckland also runs a small online shop with Hug A Pug related merchandise with a plan to branch out into more general pug goodies in the near future.

Hug A Pug Auckland is run by two dedicated pug mums who organise and manage the Hug A Pug Event, Facebook page and Website along with busy full time jobs. Hug A Pug Auckland events also couldn’t run without the many volunteers and supporters who have offered help, advice and assistance at all of our events.

Please note, the organisation or management of the Hug A Pug Auckland events is not now or has ever been affiliated to Hug A Pug New Zealand.

These are some of our pugs who continue to inspire our drive for Hug A Pug Auckland.