Q. Can I just turn up with my pug or do I need to register?

A. We ask that everyone planning to bring their pug along registers them before the event to allow us to plan the day to make it the best day for everyone, pugs included. We will also have an owner/pug tagging system so its good to know beforehand who’s coming so no one misses out.

Q. Will there be tickets available on the day at the door?

A. Yes there will be.

Q. How long will we get with the pugs?

A. Much as all of our pugs love hugs they do get tired so we do limit the time spent directly with the pugs. We expect most people to move through the pug area in about 15 minutes. Of course some of our pugs will also be out and about at the event for some extra hugs and pug time!

Q. Will there be anything else to see on the day?

A. Of course! There will be trade tables to browse through with products that will appeal to pug owners and dog lovers in general. Along with the trade table there will be coffee and hopefully human food options available too! If you would like to enquire about purchasing a space for a trade table please contact us at hugapugauckland.co.nz

Q. Is it only pugs or can I register a different breed of dog?

A. Much as we at Hug A Pug love all other dogs (many of our pugs have non pug brothers and sisters!!) we do ask that this is a pug only event.